Building stuff since before the 1st generation iPhone.

It’s all about the end-user. But also product managers, engineers, or salespeople. Every team member is a client. I try to understand their needs and provide solutions. From rough concepts to product demos and detailed specs.

Design Diagram

"Sooo… are you analyzing me right now? Ha-ha." I love hilarious psychology jokes. For five years, I've studied everything about motivation, emotions, perception, and even statistics. It pays off when I’m interviewing people holding phones.

I make mistakes, fail, receive critical feedback, and sometimes say “I don’t know.” However, it never ends there. One of my favorite books is The Toyota Way. It’s about continuous improvement and respect for people. Really, really good book.

I prefer casual dress code, dog-friendly offices, and a first-name basis. You know, unless the dog’s name is Mr. Puppins or something. I enjoy working in a multicultural, respectful environment with people from whom I can learn.

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