I’ve proudly helped to build & ship applications used by 200 million people.

I’m good at finding simple patterns in complex systems, as well as spotting 2-pixel imperfections. I enjoy working with people from whom I can learn. I’ve led teams, have a master’s degree in psychology, and know how to import React and useState.

So yeah, hi. As we said back in 2006, welcome to my website! My name is Roman Pittner, and I’m a product designer.

Case Studies

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For almost two years, we’ve worked hard on reviving a popular lip-syncing app with failing user retention numbers. We did well.

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I wanted to create a learning resource for young UI designers. Condensed, useful, and practical. I got five stars for my effort.

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Here’s the problem. Alarm owners often turn their security systems off after just a couple of weeks because of repeated false alerts.

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Validating an app idea: is a 5% conversion rate good enough? WDYT?

Say you’ve just landed a product job (congrats!). How do you familiarize yourself with the app you’re going to be working on?

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Building a product, failing and learning: a story of a personal project

“Alright. Where to next?” asks a traveler after she’s seen all the usual-suspect sights. We tried to answer that question with an app.


Please don’t tell anyone, but I’ve never actually used Post-it Notes for work.

Instead, I go for Sketch, Figma, Framer, and Javascript. User interfaces are interactive so I design them that way. My favorite animation curve is 0.3s ease-out.

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