Increasing workspace invitations by 36% in a SaaS application

Good to know

Pitch is an online presentation-building SaaS application. Its main competitors are Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. The target audience are small businesses using slide decks to win new work (e.g. creative agencies).


By redesigning and A/B testing a part of the onboarding flow, we significantly increased the number of invitations sent by the new users to their team mates.

The issue was that people were inviting only a single person at a time

This is a part of the onboarding process. The new user is prompted to start building their team (workspace) and invite their coworkers to Pitch.

The email input accepts multiple email addresses, however, the users would invite only a single person at a time (or skip this step entirely).

We created two additional versions of this screen and A/B tested them.


Version A featured a larger email input

We increased the height of the email input so that it was clear there's space for more text. We also included two email addresses as the input placeholder text.


Version B had multiple email inputs

This was a slightly more complicated UI. We had to take care of edge-cases (e.g. when the user wanted to add ten emails at once).


The version A was a clear winner

By expanding the size of the email input and changing the placeholder text to show two emails, we increased multiple-people invites by 37%.


This experiment later informed our design decisions in all subsequent iterations of this UI.